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For how long do ISPs keep logs of what IPs you've sent traffic to?
Nothing actually requires us to keep any such logs and there’s no specific standard for it.Where I work we don’t make any effort to track what anybody is doing. We do know which IP addresses correspond to which customers (or at least IP/port/time combinations in scenarios with CG-NAT and dynamic IPs).A typical scenario where logging comes up is that a damaging or illegal activity was observed, a court proceeding is started, the content provider is subpoenaed for logs pertaining to that activity. Those logs show IP address, time, and port numbers involved in the activity. Then an ISP is subpoenaed to determine what customer corresponds to that combination of IP and port at that specific date and time.I’ve never seen anything progress past the point of the court asking “who was this?”, but in theory they could compel the ISP to start capturing and recording traffic for investigation.Nothing actually requires us to be recording or logging anything else, and generally we aren’t.For that matter I don’t believe anything requires the content provider to log anything either. They probably do, but nothing says how long it needs to be stored.The question we should ask is how much data does NSA PRISM have, and how long do they keep it, and how easy is it for a court to get? I’d bet that I don’t ever get a court order to capture traffic because the court can get what it needs elsewhere.(Edited: Corrected the name of NSA program from Tempest to PRISM. Our Data Collection Program. Fixed a few typos)
Is it possible to keep a human brain alive without its body? If so, how long could it be kept living (if not forever)?
William Yeung wrote in a sub-comment below about keeping an entire head alive, “Essentially all you have to worry about is getting blood into/out of the head, rather than re-designing an entire vascular network to support the brain directly. That’s still beyond our capabilities as they stand now, but it’s a lot less work compared to just supporting the brain itself.”William, fully agree! After all, we can keep a brain alive in a body without a working respiratory, heart, or kidney system, true? So it doesn’t seem like it would be that large a step to slice off the head of a body that’s been cooled to that near-suspended-animation state that I believe is sometimes found in drowning or cold/exposure victims, and then hook it up to a blood system that would keep the head substance as well as the brain alive. I realize I may be completely, totally, and absolutely underestimating what would be involved in getting blood and cerebro-spinal fluid etc. flow to all the skull/skin/ear/eye/etc tissue • but we’ve manage to reconnect limbs and have them restored to functioning, so it would seem that it’s simply a question of “how much” and “when” rather than “if” in such a question.Of course while thinking about all this I recalled the film• They Saved Hitler's Brain:MJM, actually just a brain connected to some androidal phalangeal manipulators and a keyboard in the secret 7th floor sub-basement of Quora Central HQ…
Jill can fill 300 envelopes per hour, whereas Fritz can fill this many envelopes in 2 hours. How long would it take for them to fill 300 envelopes if they work together?
So Fritz fills at a a rate of 150 envelopes per hour. Thus, together they work at a rate of 450 envelopes per hour. To fill 300 envelopes takes 300/450 hours, or 2/3 hours, which is 40 minutes.
How do I get to use more than 300 characters when asking questions on Quora?
Look, the easiest way is to write more concise questions. If you haven't sworn at the screen and closed the tab in disgust yet (and I guess you haven't, you're still reading) your next questions will be "Why?" and "How?"So lets move on, huh? You and me together?Why? Waffles. Big, fluffy and not good for the health.Very, very often, longer questions either contain too much detail, much of it unnecessary, and are often not clearly formed. The question can be placed in a nice tidy 150 characters, then filled out with another few dozen characters in question details. Questions shouldn't be too specific, or they become non-reuseable, specific only to you. Questions should be straight to the point. too.How?Just tell people the answer you are looking for. So, if you use Quora as an advice column for home mechanics then, rather than writing a long question telling me what awful thing has happened to you and asking what is likely to happen, instead, ask a question like 'What can someone do to change X situation?You want a concrete example: "At work today, when I undid my trousers I dropped my mobile phone down the toilet and I can't see it, though I can see lots of bubbles when I phone the number. It's a LupiLusa xy49a, and it still has my SIM card in it. Can I get it out before it dies or is it useless? What do you suggest? What should I do?"Now apply my theory: What do you want people to tell you, really?"How can I fish my phone out of the toilet?" ...and in details: "I can't see it, but it bubbles when I ring it, so it's still active and not yet in the sewers."
Self-Improvement: How can I motivate myself to work hard?
Six years ago I was so depressed I thought I would kill myself. I had nothing going on in my life. And the girl I was dating kept calling me "crazy", would break up with me every day, and refuse to introduce me to her friends. I had three failed businesses that year and the year before. And I was going to go broke with two kids to support. This past year, one of my investments sold for 4000% of my initial investment. A business I started went from $0 in revenues to $12,000,000 in eight months. I published two books and wrote 100s of articles and do 12 podcasts a week. But I don't work hard. I'm about to go get a sandwich. I slept late today. I don't say this because it's so great. I'd like to be a little more effective in my work. It's a practice and not a formula. Every day I practice. Here's what I do. If you don't like it, that's fine. I think each person has to find what works for them. I used to not do these things. And when I didn't do these things, nothing would happen. Life doesn't stand still: it either gets worse or better. Eventually it gets a lot worse. We die. That's the only real truth. But in the meantime, here's what I try to do to be successful and work harder. - NOTHINGI don't read the News. I used to work for the news. I know what happens there. The more you read news, the less informed you are, the more time you just wasted.  Since I stopped reading news, I read more books. i get more info. I feel more alive. I get less scared. I also don't talk to people who want to gossip. Gossip never made anyone a success. And I don't say "yes" to things I don't want to do. Else I resent the person who asked me, I hate myself for saying yes, and I'm bad at whatever it is I said "yes" to. So, in order to work harder, I try to find as much NOTHING in my life as possible. - EAT WELLIt's a simple diet but I try to follow it. No snacks. No eating after 6pm (so my liver isn't on overdrive when I am trying to sleep). Plates at 10 inches. (Studies show when you reduce plate size from 15 inches to 10 inches, you eat 30% less calories). Note! If your plate size is 8.5 inches, you eat more - your body is not stupid. It knows you are tricking it. And that's it. The Plate Diet. Or the - not after 6pm Diet- MOVE A little exercise every day is known to have just as much effect on your mood as a full dosage of anti-depressants. - SLEEPIn the morning, you have energy. At the end of the day, you don't. Which is why you need sleep. The average person needs eight hours of sleep. For instance, they took some famous orchestra and determined that the professional violinists in the orchestra were sleeping 8.6 hours a day. Don't think that less sleep makes you more productive. Whenever I get only six hours of sleep, I know the day is going to be useless. Preparation is how you win the game, and lack of sleep means you didn't prepare well. - GRATITUDEWorry never solves tomorrow's problems, and only takes energy away from today. Worry and Gratitude can't exist in the mind at the same time. Regret and Gratitude can't exist in the mind at the same time. Anger and Gratitude can't exist in the mind at the same time. Whenever I notice these things happening in my head, I try to replace with gratitude. Now I can continue my day - LAUGHTERThe average child laughs 300 times a day. The average adult...five. Dr. Norman Cousins did a series of studies on the benefits of laughter. It improves health, cures disease, improves productivity, and of course, makes you happier. So I try to watch standup comedy when I'm low. Or thing of funny things. Laughter heals the soul. - SURRENDERToo often I would try to control things that were outside of my control. For instance, when a boss is yelling at me, it's his problem. I can't control him. So that's when I try to find a better job rather than put up with abuse. The same in relationships. One of the most important decisions you can make in life is who you spend your time with. It's like falling into an sea of hands and hoping they catch you. When you surround your self with good people, you can surrender that they will catch you. When you are creative, you can surrender to the fact that your ideas will always catch you.When you sleep well and are grateful, you can surrender to the fact that your good health and spiritual attitude, will guide you through the difficult moments. Whenever I'm scared, I surrender. I do my best. I'm honest. I know good things will happen. IDEASI write down ten ideas every day. The Idea Muscle always needs to be exercised. It atrophies after about two weeks of no use. like any other muscle. People think that ideas are nothing and execution is everything. Execution is just a subset of ideas. You still have to have the ideas in order to execute. And the only way to have good ideas is to exercise the idea muscle. Every day. The result: your life will look completely different in six months. You will be an idea machine. You can be stuck on a highway in the desert with no gas and you will have 100 ideas to save you in no time. The idea machine is magic. FRIENDSThe people in your life are like a bonsai tree. It's always growing. And every day you prune the bad branches and keep the good branches. Do that every day and you get more productive. Every entrepreneurial movement, every artistic movement, every leap in science, was done by a group of people. There are no lone geniuses. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had the HomeBrew Club. Jack Kerouac had the BeatsAndy Warhol had his community of Pop artists. Even Larry Page had the thriving entrepreneurial cultures of both Stanford and Silicon Valley and all the search engines before him that he was able to stand on the shoulders of. You can't be productive without shoulders to stand on. MESSAGE OVER MONEYI think people are scared. I know this. I am often scared. We live in a hard world. It's a sentence of frightening nightmare punctuated by periods of intense joy. The message I like to convey is that these ideas help you not only be more productive, but more creative...happier. At least for me, this has worked and transformed me from someone crying on the ground in a pool of vomit, to someone who wakes up and (some of the time) feels the full beauty of the day. I do the above. I surrender to it. And hope for the best.Read More:The 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur
How long would it take me to pass out if I only eat 200–300 calories a day?
I am not going to answer this question.Stop now you are starving youself, that means killing yourself.Human being should go under 1100 caliries a day. Normal humans consume 2500 calories a day. What you are doing is a slow suecide. Stop it NOW.
What are some tips for long-distance relationships?
I am geographically separated from my boyfriend and yes, it sucks. This setup is something that both of us never imagined getting into, but I guess unplanned moments in our lives often lead us to the best destinations.Despite us both being not into commitment, we both embarked on this frustrating, torturous life of being in a long distance relationship. When I say long distance, I really mean it • he lives more than 8000 miles away and 14 hours behind my timezone.I know that the majority don’t believe in LDRs but in spite of our doubts during the early stage of our relationship, there are some important things that I have learned being committed to someone I don’t get to be with everyday.There are a lot of struggles LDR couples experience everyday but if you badly want something, there shouldn’t be a reason not to find solution to every problem you have.You are probably here because you would like to know how to survive long distance relationships, here are my 2 cents on how-to-LDR:1. It’s either you have to talk super early, or super late. So either both or one of us don’t get the best of sleep everyday.Remember that LDRs require a special form of communication, so if you want to always remind your partner that you think about him, at least send a cheesy line or anything that would make your partner smile. A simple compliment will do.Tip:Try to schedule your day ahead especially if you have different time zones. Well, it works for us sometimes but in our case, we have made our everyday routine more natural. We both go to work so we don’t get the the entire day for each other but we always make sure that we always have a time to leave messages for each other.Originally posted by theunclaimedgeneration2. You don’t get to celebrate special occasions together.Pros:This saves money! You don’t need to actually buy gifts for one another (yet).Dates are not yet necessary.You get to spend holidays and other special occasions twice.Tip:Video call. THIS IS A MUST. If it is not that convenient for the two of you to do a video call, at least make time to do a phone call. It doesn’t need to be a super long conversation but just feeling the presence of your person on a special day will make you feel like you guys are spending it together. If neither phone call or video call is possible:Send a special message and add a cute selfie. Trust me, this one really works.We have actually spent the new year twice • I called him first minutes of 2022 my time and he did the same first minute of 2022. his time.3. Boring conversations.Though this is something that we are really not struggling with, I’ll share some tips to spice your conversation up.Tips:Be humorous. This is essential. Crack jokes, make funny remarks about people (be careful with this), share funny stories about yourself or your personal experiences.Make him curious. This will make him interested about you. Curiosity always make conversations intense. This will make him feel eager to talk to you each day. Changing topics in the middle of the conversation will make him beg for you to continue what you were saying. Make sure to spill the rest of your story in a timely manner though, because this might result to conflict. This isn’t good for people who doesn’t like cliffhangers.Teach each other something new. Open a lot of topics. Don’t just talk about your relationship and your plan of meeting up every damn time because this might irritate one or the other. Learning new stuff every day is an achievement especially if it’s taught by your partner.Be spontaneous. It is fun to talk in a very spontaneous manner, just talk about everything around you. This is a training for the two of you especially if you are planning to be with each other in the future for a long time.4. Uncertainty about your future together.Although both of you know that you love each other, there are still some instances that you will be uncertain about what’s gonna happen in the future. There are still some tiny doubts that rises in your heart sometimes.Tips:Focus on what is happening on the present time. Enjoy your time being apart. Be the best version of yourself everyday for him, and for yourself. Everything else will follow.Risk. It is always worth it to give it a try, because whether you win or lose, you know you didn’t just let the opportunity pass.Think of your relationship as if you are doing an online shopping. Imagine yourself looking at a very nice camera you saw online. You haven’t got to it yet. You just saw pictures of it. You just read its features through blogs/articles and heard good reviews about it. But deep in your heart, you know that you badly want it and you will do everything just to get one so you save up and possibly sacrifice some things just for the sake of getting one. You don’t have an idea if it is exactly it is gonna be once it is in your hands already, but you’ll buy it anyway.Plan things. Whether it is a small or a big plan, do it. Make a timeline or a checklist. It will make both of you look forward to your future together. Maybe an Asian trip, a beach trip or a plan of living together in nice apartment in New York City will excite the both of you. Just make sure not to bug your partner about it all of the time especially if you both know that your plans are not achievable the soonest. Plan, but also set proper expectations. Set realistic goals to make sure to not disappoint your partner.5. Fear of being cheated on or being not good enough.This is a common fear even to the regular couples. “I am afraid that you might fall for someone else” or “I am afraid you might get back with your ex” or maybe telling your friend about your fear of your partner cheating on you are common thoughts of an LDR couple.Tips:Let him do everything he wants. Give each other the gift of space. Let him do everything he wants until he feels that “everything” isn’t necessary because he will finally realize that you are his everything.Giving him freedom about choosing what he wants to do will give him time to contemplate about lots of things. He will do it if he wants to. People have this urge to do things that you tell them not to. If you will keep on telling your partner not to do certain things, chances are he will be tempted to do it.Well I am saying this because it really does happen, but not with everyone. Again, keep everything natural. If you love each other, you don’t need to always remind him not to cheat because that shit is annoying tbh. A little reminder saying “I am afraid to lose you, I love you ,)” is enough.Be aware. You need to know if the things you do especially the activities you do that require going out with other people is okay with him. Just doing things with the assumption of your activities being OK with your partner isn’t a good idea. Always consider his feelings. Be aware of what makes him jealous and once you already know about his thoughts, talk about it until everything gets clear.Avoid anything that will potentially make a buildup of jealousy. Simply ignoring any texts from the opposite sex makes is a big factor. I’m sure that if you love a person, you will never be tempted to do it anyway. Remember, trust.Making your relationship Facebook official.Reminder: This isn’t just to brag.This may sound corny, but I guess it isn’t love if isn’t cheesy (why are you even in an LDR if you don’t consider yourself corny). It doesn’t mean that you need to post each and every conversation you have to your Facebook timeline because that will surely annoy your friends and even your closest family members.This helps because this makes your partner feel that you are proud of your relationship. Make sure to talk about it though, because it requires a lot of courage. Being Facebook official is a big deal (especially to girls ,) ) In addition, this will prevent people hitting and sliding to your partner’s DM.6. Satisfying each other’s sexual needs.WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. This is one of the biggest problem once you engage yourself in a long distance relationship. It is a human need. It is an expression of love. It’s frustrating when you can’t even touch or even kiss your partner.Pros:Abstinence. It makes you abstain from any form sexual interaction given the fact that you are faithful to your long distance partner, hence no fear of having unwanted pregnancies especially to teenagers.Delayed gratification. It makes you long for your partner which makes the love making more satisfying when you finally get to do it in person.Tips:You need to both agree on this. You need to be comfortable talking about sex and being open-minded about doing all the crazy sexy stuff.Do not be excessively conscious about being naughty to one another. There isn’t much to worry about it in reality because this part of the relationship should happen naturally.Make your partner feel good about himself so he won’t feel hesitant since online sex still remains as a taboo topic to most of the people.Don’t forget to give your partner compliments and talk a little dirty to each other. DO NOT be afraid to be open about this to your partner because in the long run, if you’re really serious about being together, you will experience more crazy and naughty stuff together.There is a lot more to discover about being in a long distance relationship, and I might update this post in the future because I know that there’s more that I get to discover about my current relationship along the way.Every type of relationship is unique whether it be an LDR or a regular relationship where you get to be with the person you love.Everything that I have written might be too much to digest but as what I have mentioned, love should be natural. It looks like it takes a lot of effort and can easily be broken but in reality, there is not an end to a relationship born out of friendship, communication, understanding , trust, patience and love.UPDATE:He arrived here in the Philippines last August 30th and from being more than 8,000 miles apart, we’re down to 2 miles.We spent our first three days together in an out of town trip and we couldn’t be any happier. It was funny because even after the third day, we were still pinching ourselves to make sure everything that was happening at that moment was true. Everything went perfectly, though.We are officially ending our #LDR but I will keep this post up as a reminder not only for us but to everyone, that if two people will work hard together, whether it’s for a goal, a project or a relationship for this instance, nothing is impossible.Relationship secret? None, really. Both of just really wanna make it work. ❤to complement this post, here’s a video I made with him going on a simple weekend date. Enjoy!
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