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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Osha 300 log 2022

Instructions and Help about Osha 300 log 2022

Welcome everyone for today's even from Pioneer educator my name is Deb Johnson and I will be a conference operator for today's national web conference title OSHA law update 2022 conducting OSHA 300 log record-keeping I would like to introduce a speaker for today mr. Joe Keenan mr. Joe Keenan MBA CSV is an highly experienced environmental health and safety and human resource professional and management consultant with over 22 years of experience is he received his green belt in Six Sigma lean manufacturing in 2022 MBA within human resource management concentration in 2022 and a certified safety professional in 2022 Joe is currently serving as a president of Mississippi chapter of the American Society of safety engineers he served as a volunteer production program participation Association Region four board of directors as a director at large from 2022 to 2022 since 2022 he has been an OSHA general industry and construction ten-thirty our authorized outreach trainer both renewed in 2022 welcome Joe we are ready to begin all right thank you well good morning or good afternoon everyone depending on where you're logged in thank you so much for participating I've got a very important in a very timely topic to be covering today OSHA record-keeping and OSHA record-keeping is something that virtually impacts all industries so regardless if you're a manufacturing facility construction facility a service orientated facility or maybe a combination of both or all those things this is something that's going to impact everybody and there have been some recent changes to the record-keeping standard especially as it pertains to what's called a submission or electronic submission of records so what we're going to be doing today is going over the OSHA record-keeping standard what's required to be recorded on the OSHA log what isn't and then we'll be talking about the new recent changes to the record-keeping standard so let's start out by defining what our OSHA's record-keeping requirements and I think that's a good baseline to get and according to OSHA record-keeping rule it affects over almost one-and-a-half million establishments now there are.


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